Xplaining Sustainability in Trade Finance: Making a genuine difference

With a 25-plus-year career in trade finance, former banker and now founder and CEO of fintech startup Halotrade, Shona Tatchell believes that no trade should be done in a way that isn’t sustainable. In this interview she outlines current sustainability-linked initiatives in trade finance, and why it’s a part of the industry that is ripe for change. Read More

Xplaining Trade Finance: An overview of the basics

“Trade finance is fun, it’s exciting, and, most importantly, it’s real. That’s the message to anyone who’s thinking about making this their profession.”

With a career in trade finance dating back to the late 1980s, Geoff Wynne, partner at law firm Sullivan in London, seemed a credible source to outline what trade finance is, how it works, and why its wide range of products and processes make it a rewarding and enjoyable industry to work in. Read More