Overview of trade finance-related course/s and/or qualifications: 
Training modules break new ground by being designed to be mainly of 60-90 minutes duration. This means each module is highly focused on a specific topic or aspect of a trade finance product. As a result, only the applicable modules need be purchased when a gap in the knowledge base of an individual has been identified. No more buying a complete package to obtain the segment that is required.

This kind of timeframe also allows students to undertake the training at a time that is convenient to them and their organisation, for example, before work, at lunchtime, or after work, in fact during any spare time. Training can commence on, for example, a PC and be completed on an iPad (or vice-versa).

Their training platform provides students with access to modules covering a multitude of topics, ranging from those that are specific to the role currently being performed, to those that relate to a role to which an individual may transition in the future, or topics that are purely of general interest.

At the top of this link there is access to our Brochure, which provides details on each of the individual topics and modules.

Length of course/s:
Each module is up to 90 minutes duration.

Modules cost between £15 and £25 each. Assessments cost either £20 or £25 each. Further details and pricing can be found here:

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